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Friday, November 17, 2006

How you can help conservative progressive blogs

A major news source for me and many others is digg. I suggest you join a use the great service. If you see something you like here at MEJ you can use the "Digg this Story" button at the bottom of the post. Yes I got the idea for this post from the conservative Hot Air.
Alternatively, what you can do is sign up at Digg and start putting the “Digg It” button on your favorite conservative blogs to use. There’s one at the end of every post on this site — and at MM’s site, and at LGF and Ace of Spades, to take just three other prominent examples. (There’s none at Instapundit. He’s sort of a one-man Digg anyway, so it’d be redundant.) You’re not limited to sites with the Digg button, either; you can manually enter the URL of any blog post or news article that catches your fancy and add that to the Digg roster.
You will see a dig button on many sites of all political persuasions and it's a good way for you to share commentary you appreciate.

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