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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The fix is in?

We see these headlines today:
Republicans Cut Democratic Lead in Campaign's Final Days
Democrats Hold 47%-43% Lead Among Likely Voters

Polls: Dems' lead shrinking, but still strong
In a separate nationwide USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, taken Thursday through Sunday, Democrats were favored over Republicans for Congress by 51%-44% among likely voters. That edge of 7 percentage points had narrowed from a 13-point margin two weeks ago.

"Republicans are back in the game; they're engaged," says Andy Kohut of the Pew Research Center, which had similar results in a survey released Sunday.
Have things changed this much is two weeks or are the polls preparing us for the big fix?

Bilmon has another theory, The Idiocracy Vote
Part of the trend shown in the Pew and ABC/Post polls may simply be "natural tightening" -- as Republicans and Republicans-who-call-themselves-independents come home to their party. But what needs to be kept in mind is that at this late stage the remaining independent undecided or soft leaners generally constitute the least informed, least involved and, in many cases, least intelligent segment of the electorate. Or, to be perfectly blunt about it: Many of them are completely fucking clueless, which means they tend to be the most easily manipulated by the kind of limbic, cesspool politics the Rovian machine now specializes in.
Don't be surprised if a combination of "the fix" and the "Idiocracy" leave the Senate and perhaps the House in the hands of the Republicans after Tuesday.

Paul Krugman reminds us what we have to look forward to:
At this point, nobody should have any illusions about Mr. Bush’s character. To put it bluntly, he’s an insecure bully who believes that owning up to a mistake, any mistake, would undermine his manhood — and who therefore lives in a dream world in which all of his policies are succeeding and all of his officials are doing a heckuva job. Just last week he declared himself “pleased with the progress we’re making” in Iraq.

In other words, he’s the sort of man who should never have been put in a position of authority, let alone been given the kind of unquestioned power, free from normal checks and balances, that he was granted after 9/11. But he was, alas, given that power, as well as a prolonged free ride from much of the news media.
One tyrant was condemned to death and another will be given another two years to tyrannize.

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