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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Wingnuts Can't Seem to say "Child Molester"

I know you haven't heard from me in a while, but this morning I followed a link from Memeorandum with a title that was simply too mind boggling to be believed, and I had to stop by to comment on it. The link in question led me to the well known right wingnut echo chamber, Power Line, where "Deacon" (a.k.a. Paul) informs us that "Sex scandals, without more, don't interest me much." Yes, my friends, he was talking about the now infamous Cirque du Foley. Never mind that Deacon seems to be providing some cover for Denny Hastert... check out the descriptions which our heroic neocon uses to describe Foley's activities.
Rep. Mark Foley's sex scandal

improper sex-related conduct towards another employee

sexual harassment
Here's a clue for you, Paul. When a thirtysomething manager who is married turns out to be sneaking out for quiet evenings at the Motel No-Tell with his twentysomething secretary, that's a case of improper sex-related conduct. If there was unwanted pressure on the secretary to comply because of their business relationship, then it's definitely sexual harassment. When people find out about it, it's a sex scandal.

However, when the thirtysomething male (be he a Congressman or not) is diddling (or at least attempting to diddle) a..... wait for it...


none of those terms apply. Not one bit. That's not a sexual "relationship" of any type, and it's not simply "harassment" either. Here are some terms you might try on for size:

  • Child molestation
  • Perversion
  • Monstrosity

Stop trying to spin this into something like sneaking off with an adult intern in the cloak room. He's a predator hunting children. And some of his GOP bosses knew it and have been covering for him, turning a blind eye and asking no questions when the warning signs were flashing like a tornado watch.

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