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Friday, October 13, 2006

Why do I bother....

.....recovering Republican John Cole says it better.

If you don't read Balloon Juice you should. As I have noted here before the most eloquent criticism of the current crop of Republicans and the Bush administration comes from Republicans. Just Google Paul Craig Roberts! Well today John Cole says every thing I wanted to say:

  • The Second Commandment; On David Kuo’s new book about the cynical exploitation of the religious right and the response or lack of response to it.

  • I Question the Timing; John concludes this one with some major snark.
    Clearly this is another plot by the Democrats to win back the House and Senate- why else would his court date have been scheduled for today? Therefore, using right-wing blogosphere logic, Ney is innocent since this happened in October. Just like the Lancet study is false because it was released in October and the House GOP did nothing wrong because the Foley scandal surfaced in October.

    Accountability- it is for the little people.

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