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Friday, October 13, 2006

Bubble Boy/Administration

Even the Republicans are upset with bubble boy's disregard of reality.

Bush Is Said to Have No Plan if GOP Loses
Some Republican strategists are increasingly upset with what they consider the overconfidence of President Bush and his senior advisers about the midterm elections November 7–a concern aggravated by the president's news conference this week.

"They aren't even planning for if they lose," says a GOP insider who informally counsels the West Wing. If Democrats win control of the House, as many analysts expect, Republicans predict that Bush's final two years in office will be marked by multiple congressional investigations and gridlock.

"The Bush White House has had no relationship with Congress," said a Bush ally. "Beyond the Democrats, wait till they see how the Republicans–the ones that survive–treat them if they lose next month." GOP insiders are upset by Bush's seeming inability to come up with new ideas or fresh approaches. There is even a heightened sensitivity to the way Bush talks about advisers who served his father.
Yes, this is standard operating procedure for this administration. Ignore the possibility of failure then deny failure when it happens - think Iraq. Like my sons when they were teenagers, the Bush/Cheney cabal won't listen to anyone who doesn't tell them what they already "know". My sons, like most people, out grew that. The country is being run, down a path to disaster, by a collection of adolescents.

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