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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thoughts of Gray

No, this is not a political rant but a personal one. I live in the Portland, Oregon area – the “gray, cool and wet Pacific Northwest. Unknown to many it is not gray – not cool – not wet in July and August often stretching into September. Well this summer it has been unusually hot, unusually dry and unusually not gray. As someone who was born in western Oregon and have lived in Western Oregon most of my life I am ready for gray, I am ready for cool and yes, I am ready for wet. Now this has nothing to do with global warming, I feel this way about this time every year. It may be stronger this year since we have had over twice the average number of days over 90 and we have only had about 4% of the average rainfall. The weather guessers are predicting the chance of showers on Friday, I'm ready. I'm also ready for those gray days that at times seem endless. Of course after 60 years I know that there will be another July and another August. I will relish the warm temperatures and the sun but about this time next year I will be ready for the cool – gray – wet days once again.

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