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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Alive and well - the good old boys club

Now I'll admit I not sure how the Democratic Senators should have treated Joe Lieberman but it doesn't seem like they treated him like someone who had lost the Democratic primary.
Senators: Welcome back, Joe
If Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Democratic colleagues are anxious to get rid of him, they gave no indication of it in their first gathering since Lieberman lost a Connecticut primary to Ned Lamont last month and launched an independent bid.

“I don’t think there’s any of us out there saying ‘Goddamn, I hope Joe doesn’t win,’” said Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), who has endorsed Lamont in the general election.

Indeed, Democratic senators applauded Lieberman at their weekly policy luncheon, when Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) asked him to brief the caucus on upcoming port-security legislation.

“Welcome back,” said Reid, who was scheduled to meet with Lamont later in the day.

After Reid’s introduction, Lieberman got “a warm ovation,” according to Minority Whip Richard Durbin (D-Ill.).

As much as liberal scrawlers on the Internet are calling for his scalp, Lieberman’s courtly colleagues seem to be patting him on the shoulder.
The "liberal scrawlers on the Internet"? What about the Democratic voters of Connecticut? As usual the voters are simply a threat to the good old boys club. And that weasel Biden!
“I don’t think there’s any of us out there saying ‘Goddamn, I hope Joe doesn’t win,’”
I guess that means that in spite of saying he supports the Democratic nominee he apparently doesn't mean it.

David Sirota explains the phenomenon:
Fear & Loathing In the Senate Democratic Club
Change does not come easy - it never does. And change never comes from Washington, D.C. - it is always forced on that city. But I must confess - for some reason (call me a naive idiot) I thought change among Democratic lawmakers in Congress would occur after Democratic primary voters spoke.

Apparently, I was wrong. In a spate of stories today (here and here for example), we see that Democratic Senators yesterday tripped over themselves to applaud Sen. Joe Lieberman as he returned to Washington. The message wafted through the Senate club like the aroma of chicken cordon bleu wafts through a country club: Democratic senators are afraid that voters - actual voters - may get to have a say over who represents us in Congress. Though the stinging "how dare you" attacks against their own Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont, were not present yesterday - the "how dare you" feeling was clearly transmitted. It is fear and loathing inside the Senate Democratic club - fear of change, and loathing of democracy.
So why do the good old boys hate Democracy. We must make it clear to the good old boys (and gals) that vigorous support for Ned Lamont is necessary to avoid being the next one on the hit list.

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