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Friday, September 08, 2006

Stepping in it?

Variety reports that ABC mulls yanking "Path to 911". I doubt that they will. Joe Gandelman once again has an excellent "moderate" post on this subject and I suggest you go read the entire thing. I suggested yesterday that the political climate has changed since ABC first dreamed up this docu-propaganda. Joe suggests they have "stepped in it".
ABC stepped in it in several ways that underscore the polarization of America and the near-total lack of conscience on the part of many political folk to the concepts of fairness and balance, which some perceive as wishy-washy or signs of weakness just begging to be exploited.

ABC stepped in it:

--In political terms.
--In corporate terms.
--In financial terms.

In political terms: To many Democrats, and even to some in the middle who might feel the Clinton administration AND the Bush administration BOTH blew it in the pre-911 competence department, ABC will now appear to be Fox News with mouse ears.


In corporate terms: Every corporation has an image — and an image is GOLD. [.....]
Up until this special, ABC had as part of its image its parent company Disney, which still remains the most respected name in film, television and live family entertainment.


In financial terms: The sad part is that no one does family entertainment better than Disney, which is generally protective of the
kinds of values it communications through its live and recorded presentations to children and young people. But you can BET that in 2007 there will be some people who will forgo a trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld or to a movie theater showing a Disney film out of political anger. Disney is bound to lose some customers because ABC seems to have chosen sides.
I would think that the Disney shareholders would ask for an accounting from Disney management.

Graphic stolen from Bilmon

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