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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The latest preemptive war!

This time it's against the judiciary.
Gonzales Cautions Judges on Interfering
WASHINGTON -- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is defending President Bush's anti-terrorism tactics in multiple court battles, said Friday that federal judges should not substitute their personal views for the president's judgments in wartime.

He said the Constitution makes the president commander in chief and the Supreme Court has long recognized the president's pre-eminent role in foreign affairs. "The Constitution, by contrast, provides the courts with relatively few tools to superintend military and foreign policy decisions, especially during wartime," the attorney general told a conference on the judiciary at Georgetown University Law Center.
What Abu Gonzales is saying here is that the constitution no longer matters - yes as far as the administration is concerned the United States is now officially a tyranny. No oversight or checks and balances allowed.

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