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Monday, August 28, 2006

Whacking a beehive

Many of us believe that Pakistan not Iran is the greatest nuclear threat in the region. Why you ask, because Pakistan is a hot bed of Islamic extremism, defacto home of both the Taliban and al Qaeda. In addition President Musharraf is a walking dead man. Without Musharraf in power there will be little to prevent Pakistan's nukes from falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. Well over at The Moderate Voice Swaraaj Chauhan explains how Musharraf may have whacked the wrong beehive.
Has President Musharraf Hit Deadly Baloch Beehive?
Will President Musharraf invite the "wrath of the bees" after killing Sardar Akbar Bugti, a powerful rebel leader of Balochistan province of Pakistan on the highly sensitive border of Iran and Afghanistan? Some say that it is a matter of time before the "bees" settle down. But others fear that this killing could further destabilise Pakistan.
Go read the entire post.

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