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Monday, August 28, 2006

Payback Time?

Well 2000 wingnut whacko election fixer Katherine Harris' campaign never really got off the ground in Florida. Well the 2004 election fixer in Ohio, Ken Blackwell, is not faring much better.
Ohio Governor: Strickland Lead Widens to 25 Points
During the past several months, Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland's edge over Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell has ranged from four to seventeen percentage points. Now, in our latest election poll of Ohio's gubernatorial race, Congressman Strickland leads his opponent by an intimidating 57% to 32% (see crosstabs).

Last month, Strickland led 51% to 37%. The Ohio Senate race between incumbent Mike DeWine (R) and challenger Sherrod Brown (D) is much more competitive.
It's also significant that Mike DeWine's Senate campaign is in a downward spiral. Of course blatant corruption has caused the entire Ohio Republican party to implode.

Hat tip to The American Prospect

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