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Sunday, August 06, 2006

A "moderate" look at the Lamont-Lieberman contest

Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice has a good honest analysis of Joe Lieberman's problems. I can't say I agree with it 100% but at the same time I can't find much to argue with. Joe realizes that it's about more than the war.
If Lieberman loses, perhaps this clip from Ed Schultz Show last week where Schultz interviews Lieberman will provide some evidence why. When pressed by Schultz (about whether he would now demand Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation, Lieberman says yes he would but it’s the President’s call to do that.

It’s a fatal mindset due to the way Bush & Co. have encouraged bitter partisanship. It is not only Democrats who want — and demand — vigorous Congressional oversight of an administration that has unilaterally expanded the exercise of executive power in a ways seemingly once unimaginable. Quietly deferring to a highly-partisan President is no longer an option for many Americans — which is why Joe Lieberman’s political career may move into a different phase come Tuesday. As so, if polls are correct, will Ned Lamont’s.

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