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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm not a happy camper!!!

And I'm not happy with TMP Reader DK
Should progressives shift their money and attention from the Connecticut Senate race to more important contests? Absolutely.
I'm sorry but this is pure f**king BS. There is perhaps no race more important than the Lieberman/Lamont Race. As I have said over and over again a Democratic Senate majority that includes neocon Joe is no majority at all. Let it be known that if I am to be enthusiastic and work for a Democratic majority in the Senate the party must start doing whatever they can to make a Lamont victory possible. That includes Bill and Hillary Clinton along with other high profile Democrats campaigning for Lamont - next week or the week after. And Hillary, if you want to be President you had better tell the DLC and Marshall Wittmann to take a flying leap.

The other day I asked "Do they mean it?" The DSCC is going to show me that they do mean it real soon if they want my support. They can show that they do mean it by opposing one of George W. Bush's biggest supporters in the Senate, Joe Lieberman, the Republican Candidate for the Senate in Connecticut. And they need to do it soon.

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