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Friday, August 25, 2006

Has Hillary Decided?

The other day I suggested that Democrats should be asking Hillary Clinton if she was with us or against us. Is she with the Democrats and Ned Lamont or with The Democratic Leadership Conference and neocon nutcase Marshall Wittmann? Jane Hamsher reports that there indications that she has made up her mind.
Sources from both sides say Hillary will appear at an event with Ned and fundraise for him. But perhaps more significantly, one of her senior advisors, Howard Wolfson, will be acting in an advisory role to the Lamont campaign to help them coordinate the response of national Democrats on Ned’s behalf, specifically with regard to countering the GOP-coordinated smears being lobbed by Dan Gerstein and the Lieberman campaign.

The Lamont campaign was very encouraged by the meeting.
A hopeful sign but as Jane says "I guess time will tell."

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