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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Question the Democrats should be asking.....

.....are you with us or against us?
Now we all know where Joe Lieberman stands. John Kerry certainly does; he called Lieberman the new Cheney this morning. I think that's pretty accurate. Taylor Marsh has the details.

So where do some of the other personalities in the Democratic party fall. We will find out in the next couple of weeks. The litmus test will be if they actively campaign for Ned Lamont. Now it's really nice that many of them have endorsed Lamont but that's not enough. Are they going to side with the pro-neocon Republican Lite of the DLC or a majority of the base. Yes, they are going to have to decide who they are going to alienate. This is especially true of any who have presidential aspirations. Yes, Hillary I'm talking to you and that goes for Bill as well. Yes, Joe Biden I'm talking to youl. The next couple of weeks you need to decide - are you with us or against us?

Digby has some interesting thoughts on the special interest groups normally associated with the Democrats.
This brings me to the special interests in whom I had placed so much faith to counter such corruption. I had resisted joining in the critique of these groups because I thought they had some basis for playing both sides over the long term. But I thought they knew which side their bread was really buttered on, even so. Apparently not. Stoller describes them as having been co-opted by the corrupt system and lazily enjoying the fruits of the spoils like everyone else. I have to admit that even the most generous view shows they have lost sight of their own goals.

NARAL's continued endorsement of Lieberman is a case in point. I will bet money that if Lieberman wins the race as an independent with a majority of Republican votes, within his term he is going to change his stance on abortion. It's obvious that he is uncomfortable with the dissonance between being a social conservative and pro-choice politician, and he's been feeling around for an argument to justify it for years. He's the most likely pro-choice Senator in the country to switch. If NARAL thinks they can keep him on the reservation because they've been loyal to him, they obviously don't know who they're dealing with --- or no longer care.

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