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Monday, July 10, 2006

OK - When can we call it a Civil War?

And when can we admit that US troops can't prevent it?
While Baghdad has been ravaged by Sunni-Shiite bloodletting in recent months, even by recent standards the violence here on Sunday was frightening, delivered with impunity by gun-wielding vigilantes on the street. In the culture of revenge that has seized Iraq, residents all over the city braced for an escalation in the cycle of retributive mayhem between the Shiites and Sunnis that has threatened to expand into civil war.

Baghdad Erupts in Mob Violence
BAGHDAD, July 9 — A mob of gunmen went on a brazen daytime rampage through a predominantly Sunni Arab district of western Baghdad on Sunday, pulling people from their cars and homes and killing them in what officials and residents called a spasm of revenge by Shiite militias for the bombing of a Shiite mosque on Saturday. Hours later, two car bombs exploded beside a Shiite mosque in another Baghdad neighborhood in a deadly act of what appeared to be retaliation.
And of course if there is one thing the Sunni and Shiite can agree on it's that the Americans are an occupying enemy.
The violence coincided with an announcement by American military officials that they had formally accused four more American soldiers of rape and murder, and a fifth soldier of "dereliction of duty" for failing to report the crimes, in connection with the deaths of a teenage Iraqi girl and three members of her family.
So the Shiite think the Sunni and the Americans are the enemy, the Sunni see the Shiite and the Americans as the enemy. No matter how you look at it the Americans are the enemy - unable to protect the Iraqis from each other and responsible for some of the atrocities.

The American people want the US to withdraw from the quagmire the Bush Administration created in Iraq. What the American people don't fully realize that the Bush administration has no intention of withdrawing ever. One of the reasons for the war that was never given was a permanent military presence in the middle east.

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