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Thursday, July 06, 2006

No Difference?

Ralph Nader was right, there is no real difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Yes they may sing a different ideological tune at times but they are in they same musical. The theme of that musical is not ideological but it's all about power, getting it and holding onto it. This became obvious yesterday when Barbara Boxer announced that she would support Joe Lieberman, a man who has been singing a different tune more often than not.

We progressives on the left are not the only ones who are upset, on the right the Libertarians are just as upset. They are just as upset with the ruthless foreign adventurism and the disregard for the constitution as the progressives on the left. I have found myself in agreement with many, but certainly not all, of the commentaries found at Lew Rockwell.com and the American Conservative. No one has been more eloquent in his condemnation of both the Iraq war and the infringement on liberties than Republican/Libertarian Paul Craig Roberts.

Although progressives and Libertarians have major ideological differences the current power structure threatens our opportunity to even debate those issues. A temporary alliance to save the constitution and the country is something that should be considered.

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