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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Missing the point again

There is a piece in the Hartford Courant today by David Lightman, Evaluating Lieberman: A Party Guy?.
WASHINGTON -- By the numbers, Joe Lieberman is a true, consistent Democrat.

He votes with Democratic colleagues almost all the time. His record gets him high marks from interest groups close to the party, from the AFL-CIO to the NAACP.
Once again is misses the mark. Is Joe Lieberman a Democrat? The answer is yes, but the opposition to Lieberman is all about what he also is, a representative of a dangerous and failed neocon ideology. It's not about Joe Lieberman the man or even the Iraq war, although that is a symbol of the failed ideology, it is about the direction of this country. In this dangerous time domestic issues have to take the back burner because if the insanity of the neocons is allowed to continue they really won't matter very much. This is not about Democrat VS Republican, liberal VS conservative it's about the dangerous vision of the neocon ideology and what ever else Joe Lieberman is he is also a neocon. The neocons have already hi-jacked the Republican Party and we can't allow Marshall Wittman and the neocons in the DLC to do the same to the Democratic Party.

Big dog just doesn'r get it either.
Bill Clinton defends Lieberman's Iraq stance
Yes this is the DLC, the Democratic wing of neocon party.

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