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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Israel - Jews...nationality - ethnicity

The heat of anger can result in the hands dancing across the keyboard before the brain is fully engaged. When talking about the actions between Israel and the Hizbollah in the post, A gang of miltaristic thugs I wrote the following:
I suggested in my post the other night that the Israelis really didn't care about anyone but the Israelis, no one else matters. Could this arrogance have something to do with the 2500 years of prejudice they have suffered?
In the comments section Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast tool me to task - rightly so.:
Ron, I would like you to please clarify whether you are saying that Jews deserve the 2500 years or prejudice. Because if that's what you're saying, you've gone beyond opposing what Israel is doing, and even beyond opposing Israel's very existence, and into the realm of Jew-hating. And that's when it gets personal to me.
I will stick by the first sentence but the second was uncalled for. I was confusing nationality and ethnicity. I should have know better as most of the Jews I know here on the left coast are just as shocked by the action of Israel as I am. Ditto for Jill out there in New Jersey. My anger should not only be directed at the politicians in Israel but their brothers in homicide here in the US, the Bush administration and the neocons.

I confused nationality and ethnicity and I apologize for any offense that might have caused. I have been called anti-semitic many times recently for opposing Israeli actions, Joe Lieberman and the neocons - that too is confusing nationality and ethnicity.

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