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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A gang of miltaristic thugs

I had a post critical of Israel's actions in Lebanon up the other night but removed it the next day because it seemed a bit too inflammatory. Today Bilmon pretty well sums up what I'm feeling right now.
I've felt many emotions about the Israelis before. I've admired them for their accomplishments -- building a flourishing state out of almost nothing. I've hated them for their systematic dispossession of the Palestinians -- even as they smugly congratulated themselves for being the Middle East's only "democracy." I've pitied them for the cruel fate history inflicted on the Jewish diaspora, respected them for their boldness and daring, honored them for their cultural and intellectual achievements. But the one thing I've never felt, at least up until now, is contempt.

But that is what I'm feeling now. The military and political leaders of the Jewish state are doing and saying things that go way beyond the blustering arrogance of a powerful nation at war. Not to put too fine a point on it, but they are behaving like a gang of miltaristic thugs -- whose reply to any criticism or reproach is an expletive deleted and the smash of an iron fist.
I suggested in my post the other night that the Israelis really didn't care about anyone but the Israelis, no one else matters. Could this arrogance have something to do with the 2500 years of prejudice they have suffered?

It's impossible to separate the neocons and Israel. The same mindless ideology. The Israeli mistakenly think that killing people and destroying the infrastructure the people will rise up against Hizbollah. Of course the opposite is true. This is identical to William Kristol's ridiculous idea that if we bomb Iran the Iranians will turn on their government. The same failed ideology that has been failing for years.

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