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Saturday, June 03, 2006

When you just can't have too much BS

Today it was the Washington Post that pegged the BS meter.
White House Opens Door To Dissenters
A White House long accused of squelching internal dissent and ignoring outside viewpoints has been reaching out in its moment of weakness to prominent figures who have disagreed with the president. Bush just hired a Treasury secretary who opposed his policy on global warming and a press secretary who dismissed his domestic agenda as timid and listless.

How much such moves reflect a genuine opening up for an insular White House remains uncertain. Symbolically, at least, the White House is eager to rebut the longstanding public impression of a president in a bunker listening only to like-minded advisers. Substantively, Bush has hardly signaled a major course change in the direction of his presidency, and skeptics recall past instances when nonconformists within the administration were shut out.

Yet some Washington veterans detect signs of a tentative new willingness by the administration to heed the advice of others rather than sticking stubbornly to its position. Just this week, under pressure from European allies and U.S. foreign policy elders, the administration reversed itself and agreed to join talks with Iran if it suspends nuclear activities. And last week, Bush temporarily sealed documents seized from a congressman's office in response to complaints from Capitol Hill.
Sorry folks but once again this just doesn't pass the smell test. Just some more pre-election pile it higher and deeper. If Cheney and Rummy had their walking papers it might have a little more credibility. Tony Snow has already sacrificed the little credibility he might have had and Henry Paulson will have to do the same or he will follow in the footsteps of Paul O'Neill. The Kyoto treaty talk isn't going to play well with the Exxon crowd.

Seen it before
As Larry Wilkerson says:
"I want to see the proof," said retired Col. Larry Wilkerson, who was chief of staff at the State Department until last year, when he emerged as a vocal critic of the administration. "I can hope, as I imagine 60 to 70 percent of Americans are hoping, . . . we are going to see some moderation and it’s going to bear some fruit. But I’ve got to see the fruit, because I’ve seen this before.
Fool me once........................

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