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Saturday, June 17, 2006


It's good to see that the death of the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq has really knocked the wind out of the sails of the insurgency.
7 explosions hit Baghdad within 5 hours

BAGHDAD, Iraq - A series of explosions struck commercial areas in Baghdad within hours Saturday, killing at least 17 people and dealing a blow to a huge government operation to secure the capital.

The blasts -— seven within five hours -— brought the death toll around Iraq to at least 23 people. The bombings also wounded at least 72. A day earlier, a suspected shoe bomber blew himself up inside one of Baghdad's most prominent Shiite mosques, killing 13 people.
I continue to wonder when (or if) the people in charge of this hootinany will realize that the majority of the people we are fighting over there really don't seem to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and probably couldn't have picked Al Zarqawi out of lineup until they saw his body on the front page of all the papers. They seem to be pretty tied up with their little civil war they have going and don't have much time to monitor the polls or politics in general.

It's time to stop wasting the taxpayers' dollars on your bogus little non-binding resolutions in Congress and get our troops the hell out of that hellhole. And yes, I'm talking to members of BOTH parties when I say that. Those without brains or any semblance of a backbone who can't see beyond partisan bickering might want to borrow a little of both from Congressman Murtha.

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