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Saturday, June 17, 2006

True Colors

Marshall Wittmann unabashedly displayed his true colors yesterday when he heaped praise on one of the über Christian wingnuts in the Bush inner circle, Mike Gerson. Gerson of course is departing and some see it as an indication that the Bush administration is trying to distance itself from the theocratic right. So who is Gerson? According to Time Magazine "one of the 25 most influential Evangelical Christians in America." So why does Wittmann see Gerson as the greatest asset the White House had?
Wittmann also served as the Christian Coalition's director of legislative affairs.
That's right, Wittmann has been and remains an Evangelical Christian wingnut. We also know that Wittmann is a neocon as well as a theocrat so this from the Post explains a lot.
He [Gerson] was a formulator of the Bush doctrine making the spread of democracy the fundamental goal of U.S. foreign policy, a policy hailed as revolutionary by some and criticized as unrealistic by others.
Is there any doubt why Wittmann speaks so highly of Gerson? Can there be any doubt that Wittmann is NOT a Democrat.

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