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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A new political twist

Just a few short days ago I wrote that the neocons, feeling let down by the Republicans were making an attempt to drive to drive the netroots/McGovernites from the Democratic party. Shorly after that post I noticed that Marshall Wittmann's almost daily flaming rants against the netroots "lefties" suddenly ended. Then today we find out that the neocon's new Goddess of War, Hillary Clinton, had hired progressive Peter Daou to be her "blog advisor". Over at the Huffington Post Cenk Uygur sees 3 possible outcomes of Peter's hiring:

  1. Hillary will actually listen to what Peter has to say and adjust her views and actions.

  2. They will not be able to see eye to eye and Peter will be ignored and then will eventually leave the job.

  3. Peter will become an apologist for Hillary's current stances on things like Iraq, which are hideous and morally repugnant.
I see number one to be unlikely and Peter's progressive credentials are solid making number 3 unlikely as well. That leaves number two - a short marriage.

So what next? I see two possibilities.

  1. The DLC neocons will succeed in controlling the Democratic Party and many if not most of the lefty-McGovernite netroots crowd will not support the Party while some of the non-theocratic corporate neocons in the Republican Party will migrate to the Democratic Party.

  2. The netroots will gain control of the Democratic Party and a third party will form consisting of the DLC corporate neocons and non theocratic Republicans.

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