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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bush VS the New York Times

Chris Floyd give us a brutal account of the tyranny of the Bush administration in The Bush War on Liberty Intensifies.
Make no mistake: the Bush Regime intends to silence all dissenting voices and suppress all politically harmful information in the American establishment. It's a not a drive toward totalitarianism; they don't want or need to repress and control everything. They don't care if bloggers rant, or Harper's fulminates, or Michael Moore makes movies, or Noam Chomsky sells books (or even speaks at West Point). They are perfectly happy to allow isolated enclaves of dissent to float around out there somewhere – as long they remain isolated and, above all, ineffectual. What they cannot tolerate – and increasingly will not tolerate – is any institution, organization or person in a position of genuine influence on the American power structure to undermine the presidential dictatorship that the Regime has established. (There will be more on this theme in the next column.) Anyone within the power structure who attempts to report disturbing facts or "inconvenient truths" about the Regime's unconstitutional secret government will be attacked relentlessly. It begins with slander to destroy their credibility and effectiveness, to marginalize them, to destroy their public position – and to frighten off anyone else who might support them or give them hearing.
He points out that the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times had published the same information but it was the New York Times that was singled out. Go read the rest.

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