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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who needs the law when you're the King?

I suggested below that you should Vote Democratic or the terrorists win!
Well it appears that Andrew Sullivan may agree.
Who needs the law when you're the King? Some of us have long been worried by the Bush administration's contempt for the rule of law in its legitimate efforts to protect Americans from terrorism. And we've been dismissed and criticized for it. But the more you know, the more troubling it gets. In all this, trust in the president's word is important. That's gone. For good reason. You don't abandon limited government, enable torture, declare the executive above the law, pile up countless signing statements to undermine the Congress ... and then take pains to protect Americans' privacy. This monarch, already eager to perpetuate a dynasty, needs more scrutiny. It may require voting Democrat this fall to give it to him.

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