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Monday, May 22, 2006

Spinning Bull

Marshall Wittmann used to spin as a Republican. Since he infiltrated the Democratic Party he has continued to spin. The latest example is Netroots Lose, Again.

The Moose observes that the McGovernites with Modems cannot do math.

By an overwhelming majority, Joe Lieberman is the officially endorsed candidate of the Connecticut Democratic Party. No matter how you spin it, if you are on the short end of 67 to 33 - you lose - unless if you live in the parallel universe of the netroots. It is there that Howard Dean is President of the United States. In that territory, Rodriguez defeated Cuellar back in Texas.
Yes Lieberman did receive two thirds of the vote from establishment Democrats but just a few short weeks prior to the convention no one really thought that Ned Lamont would get the 15% he needed to force a primary, he got twice that. Witmann admits that:
Joe Lieberman continues to face a fight for re-election because he has stood for principle, pure and simple. While others have retreated, Joe realizes that defeat in Iraq would be disastrous to America and to the Iraqi people. For that stand, Joe is confronting the wrath of the left.
So when is undercutting fellow Democrats in appearances on the FOX/Rove news network principle. Paul Krugman gets it right
Mr. Lieberman's defenders would have you believe that his increasingly unpopular positions reflect his principles. But his Bushlike inability to face reality on Iraq looks less like a stand on principle than the behavior of a narcissist who can't admit error. And the common theme in Mr. Lieberman's positions seems to be this: In each case he has taken the stand that is most likely to get him on TV.

You see, the talking-head circuit loves centrists. But a centrist, as defined inside the Beltway, doesn't mean someone whose views are actually in the center, as judged by public opinion.
And Marshall Wittmann, as usual is full of bull.

You can help Ned Lamont defeat Joe Lieberman and Marshall Wittmann here.

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