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Monday, May 22, 2006

Israel Rattles the Bear's Cage (again)

Despite estimates from most international intelligence resources that Iran is anywhere from three to a dozen years from coming close to being able to build a nuclear bomb, (assuming that they are actually working on one) it seems that Israel has taken it upon themselves to announce that Tehran is only months away from having one.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Iran is only months away from joining the club of nations that can make a nuclear weapon, Israel's prime minister said in a recent interview.

"The technological threshold is very close," Ehud Olmert said on CNN's "Late Edition" in an interview taped Thursday and broadcast Sunday.

"It can be measured by months rather than years."

The article then goes on to mention that Israel is issuing a "sort of denial" that they are planning to act unilaterally to attack Iran, or that the United States is working with them to do so. But it also tellingly points out that, when faced with a similar situation some years ago, they bombed Iraq. Condi Rice had to be quick to get in on the act, saying, "Iran is a troublemaker in the international system, a central banker of terrorism. Security assurances are not on the table."

How nice. Tell me... am I the only one who finds it somewhat ironic that Israel is rattling sabers over the need to stop a "dangerous nuclear power" from arising in the Middle East? I mean, it's only one of the most open secrets in Washington that there is already a nuke wielding power over that... and it's Israel. Nukes or me, but not for thee.

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