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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A "Liberal Left" Christian on Right Wing Radio

One of Oregon's own card carrying members of the Liberal Left Christian Community, Chuck Currie, appeared on FOX news radio station in Seattle yesterday. Here is Chuck's description of the appearance:
My twenty minutes on The John Carlson Show in Seattle turned into an hour long appearance after the FOX News radio station received a rush of phone calls from conservative listeners upset that someone would have the nerve to call James Dobson and his allies on the Religious Right what they are: disingenuous partisan hacks. Seattle mega pastor and prominent gay rights opponent (and former NFL player) Ken Hutcherson even called in to protest. He said he knew Dobson wasn’t a partisan political activist because Dobson told him so when they attended a Republican gala fund raiser together (you try and figure out that logic). The truth is that the Religious Right misuses their churches for partisan political gain and the Republicans are the beneficiaries. Hutcherson challenged me to a debate on the issues. My response: name the time and place.

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