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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Demand Jefferson's resignation

Over at dKos VirginiaDem gets it right, Rep William Jefferson should be told to resign at once. The Democrats can show Republican John Cole that he's right.
First, I find it difficult to compare the personal corruption of Rep. Jefferson to the systemic abuse of power as demonstrated by the DeLay/Abramoff/Reed “Axis of Crony.” Jefferson appears to be a cheat and a crook, much like the Duke, but it is not, to me, evidence that the Democratic party is suffering from a culture of corruption. It looks to me like he was taking money to fatten his pockets- not quite the same thing as the culture of corruption that the Democrats intend to run against (and I think there is more than ample evidence of widespread systemic corruption in the current GOP).
Mr Jefferson's denials sound as hollow as those of Tom DeLay. He must resign at once.

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