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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Be all that you can be.....

I reported on this over at Running Scared on Sunday from the original Oregonian story but it's gone national: Recruiting Abuses Mount as Army Struggles to Meet Goals and made the memeorandum circuit. This from the comments section at the RS post:
As someone who knows the facts and has had personal interaction with Mr. Guinther. I can tell you that if he is indeed autistic he puts on a really good facade. He managed to effectively lie to at least 9 people while processing for the military. He would have had to undergone an security background check along with several other interactions with military and civilian personnel. Both enlisted and officer. And you are telling me that not one person noticed anything different about him? Bull...! This is just Liberal Media at it's worst! They are playing the blame game because mommy and daddy don't want to let their son grow up. What about Jared? How is this affecting his "fragile state of mind?"

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