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Friday, April 07, 2006

Debbie Schlussel, Jill Carroll and the Blogosphere continued

Here at MEJ we got caught up in the middle of the Debbie Schlussel-Jill Carroll event last weekend. Well Ellen Goodman at the Boston Globe has decided to jump into the fray and use it as an attack on blogs by the MSM.
Bloggers owe Carroll an apology
I AM SURE that Jill Carroll and her family are too busy inhaling the sweet spring air of freedom to spend time sniffing out the pollution in the blogosphere. Anyone who spent three months imagining the grimmest fate for this young journalist in the hands of terrorists can't get too upset when a little Internet posse goes after her scalp.

Nevertheless, this is not a good moment for the bustling, energetic Wild West of the new Internet media. Remember when a former CBS executive described bloggers as guys in pajamas writing in their living rooms? Well, it seems that many have only one exercise routine: jumping to conclusions.
I was quick to condemn the inflammatory hate mongering of uber wingnut Debbie Schlussel her response was not the response of the blogosphere and it should not be used to judge this new medium. As we reported here many on the right were quick to condemn Ms Schlussel such as Rick Moran and Don Surber. I think if anything this is a case of the blogosphere self correcting. Of course Ms Schlussel refuses to be corrected but that is no justification for the blanket condemnation by Ms Goodman.

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