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Sunday, April 02, 2006

The dreadful Debbie Schlussel

I reported on Debbie Schlussel's reaction to the Jill Carroll release here which was followed by a second inflammatory post, More Big Hints on Jill Carroll's Extremist Views; Endorses Iraqi Islamic Party, the next day. Joe Gandelman has a run down of the mea culpas from those on the right today, Jill Carroll Hostage Case: A Black Eye To Blogging. He quotes Rick Moran of the Right Wing Nut House.
I will not name names nor link to bloggers who thought the worst of Miss Carroll. They and their readers know who they are and I trust they will be suitably chastised. And if they have an ounce of integrity, they will write a public apology.
Well the dreadful Ms Schlussel has been silent since Friday covering instead the persecution of Ann Coulter in Florida.

Ann Coulter wannabe Debbie Schlussel is not only not apologizing she is attacking those on the right who have.

Update II
Maybe this is why poor Debbie is so bent out of shape, Don Surber thinks we should pray for her.
Debbie Schussel's mean-spirited treatment of kidnapping victim Jill Carroll upset me. She posted this on Friday. Note the mean-spirited update at the end:
****UPDATE, 04/02/06: Jill Carroll's recanting of the video doesn't have a thing to do with anything I've cited (except perhaps the letter above & she did not recant that -- a minor point compared to the other evidence), nor does it change facts. See my response to all the blind, deaf, and dumb Jill Carroll worshippers. Facts regarding Jill Carroll's real views are stubborn things.
This woman is a lawyer? Goodness.


Schlussel is a sad reminder that for all the technology that facilitates communication, it is all for naught when dealing with petty people.

Update III
From the Jawa Report, here and here.

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