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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Collateral Damage continued.......

.....the balls in our court
Over at Preemptive Karma Kevin has more on the damage resulting from Scooter Libby's disclosure yesterday that Bush had authorized leaks of classified information to the press. he quotes Peter Daou:
The question over the next several days is whether or not we'll get a functioning triangle on the left, a coming together of the netroots, the Democratic establishment and the press to bring this story to a head. If so, Bush and his administration will sustain major political damage; if not, this will follow a long string of similar outrages into the memory hole. My head tells me that the elements are in place for the former, my gut tells me that despite an initial flurry, we're headed for the latter. Time will tell.
Kevin then gives Digby's take that we quoted below but I will repeat here.
If the president was willing to authorize leaking of national security information to reporters for political purposes, why should we believe he won't authorize warrantless wiretaps on Americans for political purposes?
Kevin has a plan of action to keep the damage alive.
  • Commit yourself to writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper paraphrasing Digby's question in your own words.

  • Write to ten other bloggers and ask them to participate in the blog swarm, both committing to writing a letter themselves and asking their readers to do the same.

  • Leave it up! Make it your top post for the entire weekend.
Well I am composing my letter to my local paper and I will cross post this over at Running Scared. The Ball's in your court.

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