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Friday, March 03, 2006

When one human sacrifice just isn't enough

Chertoff Has 'Few Days Left,' Sources Say
In the aftermath of the public revelation of the presidential "teleconference" and mounting criticism of the performance of Michael Chertoff, Administration sources told HUMAN EVENTS today that the secretary of Homeland Security has "only a few days left" in the Bush Cabinet.

As one source acquainted with the former federal prosecutor and U.S. appellate judge said under promise of anonymity, "They will give [Chertoff] a little time so it won't hurt his reputation too much, but he's probably got only a few days left."
The release of the Katrina teleconference this week that the head of Michael Brown was not going to be enough to cover the incompetence and complicity of George W. Bush in the Katrina debacle. Will Chertoff's head be enough? I don't think so. Dubya may finally find out that Harry Truman was right, the buck really does stop in the oval office. I suggested at the time that they probably should kill Brown to keep him quiet. I would imagine they now wish they had. If I were Mr Chertoff I'd being watching my back.

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