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Friday, March 24, 2006

Ok, I give up....who's in charge?

E. J. Dionne asks an excellent question today:
Is President Bush the leader of our government, or is he just a right-wing talk-show host?
Of course dubya could never make it as a talk show host, he's far to inarticulate but it's obvious he is not cutting it as the "leader of our government" either. We have often said that the Rovian administration is really good at winning elections but not any good, and in fact not interested, in governing. As a result the have the guy man who is supposed to be in charge blasting the very government he's supposed to be in charge of. Dionne continues:
The question comes to mind after Bush's news conference this week in which he sounded like someone who has no control over the government he is in charge of. His words were those of a pundit inveighing against the evils of bureaucrats.

"Obviously," said the critic in chief, "there are some times when government bureaucracies haven't responded the way we wanted them to, and like citizens, you know, I don't like that at all." Yes, and if you can't do something about it, who can?

Bush went on: "I mean, I think, for example, of the trailers sitting down in Arkansas. Like many citizens, they're wondering why they're down there, you know. How come we've got 11,000?"
Well George, you are the one that's supposed to have those answers; you are the one that's supposed to be in charge.

I'll return now to some quotes from Amy Goodman's interview with Kevin Phillips that we discussed yesterday
I’ve talked with a number of conservatives, people running conservative publications, old aides from the Republican campaigns back in the 1960s and 1970s, and everybody agrees, and some are even starting to say it semi-publicly: this man [Bush] is a national embarrassment.


This is just a convergence of the ineptitude of one man, of the complicity of a number of other senior people in the administration -- I don't know their exact motives -- and a horrible situation for the Pentagon, because the Pentagon realizes that the American soldiery in Iraq is being brutalized in a way that then casts disrespect on the American army, that interferes with recruitment. I, two years ago, gave a talk near Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and already dozens of people from the military were saying that this was going to be a black eye. And it’s worse than a black eye. And you really have to say, and I have to say, that Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld, if we had a parliamentary system, they would be there before the bar of the Congress, having to defend this. And that's where they should be.
Of course George W. Bush has fucked up everything he has ever been involved in so I guess it should be no surprise that he's completely fucked up the country.

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