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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Measure 37 and the destruction of Oregon

Blake over at hogblog has a first hand account of the impact of Oregon's measure 37, The Chainsaws of Measure 37.
Now we are waking up to the sound of chainsaws every morning at 7am sharp. Even though the timber is a decade or more away from being economical to harvest, it is being clearcut to make way for development.
He concludes with this analysis:
Along with the new houses will come criss-crossing fencelines, and little of the land will likely be replanted in trees. It may take a few years, but deer, beaver, elk, and cougar populations will most certainly be reduced. The cayotes might be ok, but they will need to interact with humans and their delicious pets more frequently. This whole area was designated Large Game Habitat by the state, but the new development will change that quickly.
As usual, the so-called 'Conservatives' have managed to find an issue that did need some adjustment, in this case the land-use laws and their unfair application, and get an extreme measure passed that will cause a whole host of unforseen consequences (unforseen by the voters, not the nature-hating backers of the measure). Just like the property tax limitation measure, Measure 37 will benefit lawyers, wealthy land owners, and businesses that profit from unchecked development.
The Oregon we once knew, RIP.

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