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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Iran.....deju vu all over again?

Head over to memeorandum this morning and right at the top we have this headline:
EXCLUSIVE: Iraq Weapons -- Made in Iran?
This so called "investigative" report appears to be little more than a regurgitation of what the Bush Pentagon wants the world to hear. Well it did the job, it has Captain Ed beating the war drums. Sound familiar? Is ABC's Brian Ross Iran's Judy Miller? As the story goes some very effective IED's are coming across the Iraq/Iran border. This is probably true, they have to come across some border but does this mean the Iranians are responsible? Cernig over at NewsHog has some ideas.
The question we need to ask is why would Iran do this? Iraq is moving toward a Shia dominated pro Iranian country anyway. Iran is no friend of al-Qaeda just as Saddam was no friend of al-Qaeda. A destabilized Iraq has few if any advantages for Iran. Deja vu all over again? Let's not get fooled again by the Bush administration and the fools in the press.

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