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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Hillary machine.

She has started using the Bible in her campaign and Marshall Wittmann has morphed her into a neocon in the Joe Lieberman mold. So we know that Hillary is running for the big prize but if there was any doubt we have this:
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won't say if she's running for the White House - but she's already drafted a presidential-size army of campaign staffers that dwarfs John McCain's outfit and those of everyone else in the field.
Clinton has assembled a Titanic-size troop of 37 staffers and a legion of pricey consultants on the rolls of her HillPAC political-action committee and her Friends of Hillary re-election campaign - operatives that come on top of the three dozen aides in her Senate office.


Clinton's political machine is so massive that it's more than four times as big as 2008 GOP front-runner McCain, who relies on five staffers and a half-dozen consulting firms spread between his campaign and his Straight Talk America PAC.

And while Clinton this year has hoarded her HillPAC money to build her staff - making just one donation to the Oregon Democratic Party - other presidential wannabes, both Democrats and Republicans, have spread their campaign cash to build up a grass-roots network in key primary states.
Hillary is only interested in Hillary. The donation to the Oregon Democratic party was only made after a threatened boycott and protest of her fund raising effort here in the state. She represents a real and present danger to the Democratic party, the progressive movement, the country and the world. The only question is; can this machine be stopped?

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