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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The cost-benifit analysis, Part II

We looked at the noticeable shift in media attitudes towards the Bush administration by the corporate media below in The cost-benefit analysis. Now let's look at the shift as it relates to Bush's misadventure in Iraq. First we need to look at why wars end. A war does not end because it was wrong in the first place. Wars do not end because of peace marches. Wars end when a majority come to the conclusion that the war can't be won and that there is no advantage in continuing it. We are now seeing a perceptible shift in media attitudes towards the war in Iraq. Since the reporting on the war is driven by corporate attitudes it would appear the corporations have performed a new cost-benefit analysis on Bush's debacle in Iraq. The war was supported by the corporatists initially not because Saddam was a threat but because they saw an opportunity to make money and they did. As the war drags on the impact of that war is resulting in negative economic and political consequences that are greater than the benefits. The war is no longer in the best interests of the corporations. On the political front it threatens the pro business majority in the House and Senate.

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