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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Forget the spin, it's Ungorgeous George

While some on the right are trying to spin Bush's worse than bad poll numbers others are not and are worried.
Real Clear Politics
Bottom line, this ports fiasco has been a political fiasco for the White House. The Cheney shooting accident was a trumped-up political story that inflicted no real damage on Bush; the Dubai deal is a completely different story. This seemingly obscure business deal and its impact could be the single biggest political story of 2006, and unlike Abramoff or Katrina or Scooter Libby, Dubai Ports World could be the catalyst the Democrats have been seeking for a big 2006.
And Don Surber says:
We on the right can spin this until our heads fall off, but the fact is it is ridiculous for a modern American president to have two-thirds of the nation disapproving of his performance. It erodes his strength in Congress and has turned him into ballot box poison come this fall.

I have asked for the head of Karl Rove repeatedly over the past nine months. Boy Genius? Boy Blunder. Those of us who elected this guy in November 2004 have every right to be disgusted. The White House must get its act together or face the walking of the plank. Bush's failure to lead the nation -- to get people to follow him -- is an embarrassment.

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