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Sunday, January 27, 2013

C-SPAN Sample -- Words from the White House

Anyone can access the C-SPAN library, one our greatest national treasures.  
Many videos are too long to watch in their entirety, but C-SPAN makes it possible to create snips like this one which I created for this post.  
Many of these programs are embeddable for blogging. Unfortunately this one is not, but it is possible to create a short excerpt that can be shared via email, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. This delightful presentation about words and language is pure catnip for many of us. 
Here is the link...
Paul Dickson talked about his book, Words from the White House: Words and Phrases Coined or Popularized by America’s Presidents. The authors' collection includes Warren G. Harding’s “Founding Fathers,” invoked during his 1920 presidential campaign, Theodore Roosevelt’s use of the word “muckracker” in a 1906 speech critical of specific journalists, and “military-industrial complex,” delivered by President Eisenhower during his final presidential address to the American public in 1961. This National Press Club Book Rap event was a fundraiser for the National Press Club Journalism Institute.

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