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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Once again the quote of the day comes from Daniel Larison:
Even if he wished to do so, Romney is in an even weaker position to influence the GOP than most other losing nominees. He has been out of elected office for almost six years, and he presumably won’t ever hold elected office again. By itself, that wouldn’t have to keep him from contributing to the intra-party debate, but Romney wouldn’t have anything to add to that debate even if he joined it. As a famously unprincipled politician who ran a campaign that was mostly about nothing, there have been no issues that seem to animate Romney and no cause other than his own self-promotion that drives him to participate in politics. If Romney’s failure can teach the GOP anything, it is that utterly shameless opportunism and unscrupulous pandering can only get a candidate so far. (bold mine, RB)
I think this is accurate.  Romney was little but an unprincipled plutocrat and saw the Presidency not as an opportunity to serve but a trophy he was entitled because of who he was.  A sociopath completely lacking empathy can't win even though it should have been a Republican year.   

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