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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Twitter Response to Newtown, CT School Shooting

The following snips were gathered from a Chirpstory I just put together. Unfortunately I failed to click the feature that lined the messages up chronologically, but it's mostly in order. Interested readers can go to the source and follow a very insightful stream of Twitter messages. 

Will I be spared sarcastic tweets from Liberals to the effect: "Can we talk about guns yet?" Excuse me but you can talk about anything.
The Question is not whether we can "talk" about A or B. It's who wants to take ACTION on A or B. Also, I want to hear zero about "heartbreak" Our children here in Chicago are being shot up on a daily basis with guns of all kinds. This has been going on with impunity. DONE.

     White people, you have a crisis on your hands. Why are your sons so violent? Why are they rampaging? What is going on? ` Will the New York Times be publishing a special 5 part series investigating the root causes of white male terrorism? If not, why not? ` I am looking forward to the panel discussions and academic conferences that will delve into the issue of white male terrorism. ` Folks we have empirical evidence that white men r the main perpetrators of mass shootings. Those are the facts. Don't be pissed cuz I say so `
 In other words, the culture of gun violence is inextricably tied to this country's pathological history with racism and sexism among other  Endemic racism, therefore, actually makes white children less safe because people like Lanza walk into schools undeterred cuz they aren't  powerful, and in control of people and things; and until we stop sending men the message that we cannot show vulnerability, or express our  Byron Hurt correctly suggest that "Until we stop telling boys that they can not cry, or show emotion, or that they have to be tough and+
 White male terrorists who kill masses of people are made invisible by what Kathryn Russell calls the myth of the criminalblackman (one word)
 @prisonculture a friend has coined the term "white male terroristic violence." i too have been tweeting about white male terrorism today.

 Folks, I remind you that when Homeland Security issued a report on white (mostly male) terrorists in America, FOX News had a fit. If #newton shooter had been any kind of 'ethnic' everyone in the US who shared his skin tone / culture would be fielding hate. WTF with Congresspeople "Demanding" action?! You are a Congressperson so TAKE ACTION. Get your colleagues to move, enlist the public... the Senate Democrats up for re-election in 2014 won't touch gun control. The NRA owns them too

Local news in Chicago had the nerve to air a segment on "how Chicago area parents" can talk to their kids about Sandy Hook+ Because white male privilege means no collective responsibility for the crimes of one of your own #newton But white guys in the US are not walking around scared right now. Or being deluged with #newton backlash abuse on social media
 Gun regulation isn't about reducing violence, it's about reducing the lethality of violence. International evidence shows that works.

 Questions I ask myself about Connecticut School Shooting http://t.co/wcLYWLQv 

All the coded talk abt class and race: "this wasn't supposed to happen 'here'...in a 'sleepy' town..." (read: "Not the jungles of Chicago)+

 It would behoove us all in this country to think about how we treat the most vulnerable among us and to judge ourselves based on this. Masai warriors usually greet each other with “Kasserian Ingera” or “How are the children?” The answer is “All the children are well.”+

 If you're a 'responsible gun owner' you have no reason to be defensive, instead stand w those who want irresponsible gun ownership regulated Ok, I'm officially tired of "tell Obama". Tell Boehner. Tell McConnell. Tell the ones who will vote no. #obamaisntawizard

You all should be reading the timelines of conservatives on Twitter to understand the pathology re: guns in this country. Access to guns, violent media, vestigial frontier ethos, untreated psych trouble, bad economy. "Fix" all this? No. Do better? Yes. Which Republicans in Congress are going to vote to limit ANYTHING re: guns? What is the organizing strategy to change this? CRICKETS!!!

 Did anyone during the 2nd amendment ratifying process ever say, "Let's not politicize this issue"? KagroX 1 day ago I am sorry to be hardcore about this but it's simply not true that the "entire" country is "traumatized" by gun violence. Not true.

Children aren't killing children here. Adults are mostly killing each other and some children...
Lots of reasons. As predicted, here come the sarcastic completely USELESS tweets from Liberals...
Lots of impotent rage on Twitter now being directed at the wrong targets.
This country is civically ILLITERATE

A bill the President sends to Congress will go NOWHERE. Are people not watching the same movie I am? If every single Dem in the House next session 200 votes yes on an assault weapons ban, which 18 House GOP members will vote yes. Show me. A big concern. Don't just tweet about being "heartbroken" or lash out impotently at the "government" not doing its job. Organize and WIN.

The conversation I'm hearing today is exactly what it was over 20 Top House GOPer: "We have to be careful" about calling for new gun control legislation
Honestly, as an organizer, I am appalled at the complete magical thinking that the media is engaged in right now. Show me 218. I will keep asking the obvious question re: gun legislation until someone in the media asks it - Which 218 House Members will vote Yes?

I am OK with failing. It would be a step perhaps in building more public support and pressure. But let's be clear re: outcomes. Most likely outcome of all this is crackdown on mentally ill, rather than on guns. Human tendency to punish the weak, fear the strong.
 Hope the media doesn't continue to bamboozle the public by pushing the "cult of the Presidency" re: gun control.
Folks Congress legislates. Quit saying what the President should do about guns. Start committing to what you will help the President do about guns 

 "Not all white guys with guns are school shooters. But 99.9% of school shooters are white guys with access to guns." - S. Sharoni
It's my bet that they didn't even find it ironic. 

 Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men: http://t.co/SfbluPie
 The myth of the criminalblackman means that those who are watched and targeted for potential violence must be black and brown people. seen as the "usual suspect."
People have their guard down and they then mow down groups of unsuspecting white people. sigh ..
so let's all get all jacked up over what Obama has to do.
Congress? Never heard of it. Now on to sexism. It is demonstrably the case that the "man box" as Paul Kivel calls it is killing men. anger, sadness, disappointment, fear, and rage in healthy way, we will continue to see this kind of hypermasculine aggression, which+ forms of oppression.
We must lift these ideas up and they must be inserted into any "national" conversations about gun violence. DONE.
Racism is bad for white people's health and for their life expectancy. How can we stop the aggression and violence?
OK I am done for now...

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