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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Bye Turd Blossom

Well we won't have W. Mitt Romney to kick around anymore but is it possible that this is the end for Karl Rove as well.  His Crossroads groups spent 300 million dollars of billionaires money and have little to show for it and they are not pleased.
Karl Rove is feeling the heat. The face of the historic $1 billion plan to unseat President Barack Obama and turn the Senate Republican, Rove now finds himself the leading scapegoat for its failure. And he’s scrambling to protect his status as a top GOP money man by convincing disappointed donors to his Crossroads groups that he did the best he could with their $300 million.
Not only did Obama beat Romney 332 to 206 EVs most of the Senate candidates he supported lost.  It looks like the "genius" has lost his Midas touch.
Richard Viguerie, a pioneering direct-mail consultant, called for Republicans to purge from their ranks Rove and Ed Gillespie — who helped found Crossroads and later moved over to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign — as well as Romney advisers Stuart Stevens and Neil Newhouse. “In any logical universe,” he argued, “no one would give a dime to their ineffective super PACs, such as American Crossroads.”
Rick Tyler, a former strategist for the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC and a top adviser to Todd Akin’s Missouri Senate campaign, called Crossroads’ efforts “a colossal failure,” and asserted, “Rove has too much control over the purse strings.”
Of course Rove is afflicted with the same disease that infected the Romney campaign - he believed his own bull shit.
Karl knows he's in trouble which may account for his meltdown:


  1. Rove never struck me as brilliant, just vicious. It's easy to succeed when you have an entire, monied establshment behind you. And he failed. Breaking every rule but we'll never find out since his IT manager died in a small plane crash on the way to testify about countless thousands of missing emails. I blame his abused childhood.

  2. Bill W8:48 PM

    This may be premature.


    But let's hope he wastes more billionaire dollars.

  3. Rove may be a turd but he's a floater. He always comes up for air.

    Like most conservatives, the bigger the FAIL, the bigger the promotion.


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