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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Climate Change?

Sea level is not only rising the rate is accelerating.
Study confirms sea-level rise is accelerating along northeast U.S. coast

Boon's findings, published online in the Journal of Coastal Research, confirm those of two other recent studies that find accelerating rates of sea-level rise along the Atlantic Coast of the U.S. and Canada. He'll discuss his research during the Oceans12 Conference at the Virginia Beach Convention Center this week, and at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Charlotte in early November. The question of whether sea level is rising at a steady or increasing rate is of critical important to those tasked with planning for and adapting to coastal flooding in their communities. "Localized projections of sea-level rise are needed to guide the regional planning and adaptation measures that are being pursued with increasing urgency in many coastal localities," says Boon. "Acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise has the kind of compound effect you see in a savings account, or with credit-card debt," he adds. "It's not just that sea level is increasing, but that the rate at which it's increasing is increasing as well. That can cause future sea level to be significantly higher than if the rise rate were constant."
This is something they are well aware of in Miami.

Flooding in Miami Beach prompts warning about rising seas

Miami-Dade County officials said Tuesday’s flooding of Alton Road and other low-lying areas in Miami Beach is a warning about the perils of rising sea levels.
Parts of Miami Beach were flooded by unusually high tide Tuesday morning, which is partly due to an annual high tide that occurs every autumn.
On Tuesday morning, the highest tide occurred about 9:50 a.m. Mercedes and BMWs plowed through floodwaters, splashing waves onto local sidewalks, residences and businesses. Some pedestrians walked through standing water.
Rising seas, which are connected to global warming and climate change, have been a growing topic in the City of Miami Beach. The city’s new storm water plan includes $200 million of infrastructure expenses designed to combat rising seas over the next 20 years.
 Droughts in the middle of the country and more violent storms across the country and the threats of rising sea level on the coasts.  How much longer will the propaganda from big oil and coal work?

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  1. How much longer will the propaganda from big oil and coal work?

    Well, given how much attention both candidates paid to the issue last night, while touting further fossil fuel extraction, I would say for a little while yet. Unfortunately.


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