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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Romnibot's Facial Recognition Software Bug

Mitt Romney gave an emotional account of meeting former Navy Seal Glen Doherty at a party a few years ago.  The trouble is that according to a friend Romney's story doesn't match the way Doherty remembered the encounter.

Ellefsen said Doherty recalled meeting Mitt Romney years ago, but the account was much different from what the Presidential candidate retold in Iowa.
According to Ellefsen, Romney introduced himself to Doherty four separate times during the gathering.
"He said it was very comical," Ellefsen said, "Mitt Romney approached him ultimately four times, using this private gathering as a political venture to further his image. He kept introducing himself as Mitt Romney, a political figure. The same introduction, the same opening line. Glen believed it to be very insincere and stale."
Ellefsen said Doherty remembered Romney as robotic.
"He said it was pathetic and comical to have the same person come up to you within only a half hour, have this person reintroduce himself to you, having absolutely no idea whatsoever that he just did this 20 minutes ago, and did not even recognize Glen's face."
Romney truly is a man that consists of nothing but pure ambition.  No ideology, no empathy, no real knowledge of anything but making money.  He will become whatever people want him to become to get their vote.  He will say anything people want to hear to get what he wants.  A text book sociopath.

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