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Friday, October 19, 2012

Oregon - It's Election Day

Here in Oregon we don't have polling places - 100% vote by mail.  It was originally instituded beacause it saves money.  You get your ballot in the mail but most people don't mail them back but put them in drop boxes located around the State.  I received my ballot today and was surprised to see that there were six people on the presidential ballot.

  • Democrat - Barack Obama 
  • Pacific Green - Jill Stein
  • Progressive - Ross Anderson
  • Libertarian - Gary Johnson
  • Republican - Mitt Romney
  • Constitution - Will Christensen

A third party won't impact things here in Oregon but can they in other States?  I will fill out my ballot and drop it off at once simply because the political phone calls will end.  Yes the state publishes who has already voted.

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