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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Tweets

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Yes. I still love my Twitter feed. Since learning they could be embedded, this morning I an experimenting with a blog post of Twitter messages.

Somebody dropped the ball.
 ► A man who died at a Ho Chi Minh City hospital last month was a victim of what is probably Vietnam’s first-ever recorded case of the brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri. The Hospital of Tropical Diseases said Wednesday (August 29) a male patient named P.V.T., 25, of Phu Yen Province died from primary amoebic meningoencephalitis – a rare and usually deadly disease of the central nervous system caused by the amoeba. 

According to his family, T. and his friends swam in a lake to catch oyster in a rural village near his hometown in mid-July. T. then developed fever and headache and was admitted to Gia Dinh People’s Hospital in HCMC. He was diagnosed with meningitis and transferred to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases on July 30. 

Tests there showed the patient was infected with Naegleria fowleri. His condition got worse with unconsciousness, high fever and respiratory failure. He died the following day. (More at the link)

A third of the world's socks are produced in a single town in China with scores of factories producing only that one product.
Back in the sock factory, Xu says 73 clothing firms have gone under this year, with some leaving behind debts of billions of yuan. Things have not been so bad since 2003, when foreign buyers stayed away because of the Sars crisis. Usually Xu goes to the US once a year; this time, he has made three trips – but one major customer halved its usual $5m order anyway. Sales to civilian customers are down by at least a fifth. 

It is a sign of the times that his firm, Huazhong, considers the boom in sales to the Syrian army as a rare bright spot. "Last year they bought 870,000 pairs. This year it's 960,000 already," he says. Few might imagine that camouflage or khaki ribbed socks came in so many varieties, but French, Singaporean and Saudi Arabian soldiers have proved exacting customers.

Who knew?

Here's a message from hashtag #uppers, now trending. He makes a good point. Check the hashtag link to see what else people are saying. (Reader advisory: hashtags have a very short shelf life so if you'r reading this later fuggedaboutit.)
Well, this has been fun, folks, but it's very time-consuming and I have a lot to do. Besides, this final Tweet just came up and I need to quit playing around and get busy reading something serious. I only peeked but this links to an essay talking about the ONE-state solution to the Pal/Israeli conflict. I have long imagined that the combined creativity and energy of Palestinians and Jews working together could produce a country historically unique, capable of becoming the power center for all the Levant.


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  2. Thanks, Ron. I think this is gonna be fun.


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