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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Netanyahu Scaremongering in 2002

Bibi Netanyahu visited the United Nations this week to talk about Iran's nuclear program.  He came complete with visual aids.  Juan Cole points out this is not the first time that Netanyahu has practiced scaremongering involving a nuclear program.  He did it in 2002 and he was talking about Iraq not Iran and he was dead wrong.

Israeli PM Binyamin “Chicken Little” Netanyahu tried to scaremonger about Iraq in 2002, as his contribution to the Anglo-American war of aggression on that country. “there is no question whatsoever,” Netanyahu said, “that Saddam” was seeking nuclear weapons. He said that Israeli intelligence reported to him that Russian scientists and North Korea were on site and actively aiding this phantom nuclear weapons program.
There was no Iraqi nuclear weapons program in 2002; it was dismantled in the early 1990s by United Nations inspectors. There were none of the chemical or biological weapons Netanyahu spoke of. No Russians. No North Koreans. Bupkes.

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